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Bomb Cake

A special cake with a "wow effect" that will surprise the guests with its uniqueness!

Watch the video here!

S (1 kg in total, 3-4 persons) - 70 EUR

M (2 kg in total, 8-10 persons) - 90 EUR

L (2.5 kg in total, 11-13 persons) - 115 EUR

XL (3.3 kg in total, 13-16 persons) - 160 EUR

XXL (3.8 kg in total, 17-20 people) - 170 EUR ​

The sphere is made of sugar-free dark/milk/white chocolate (also vegan or keto).

Inside: any cake from the selection. ​

Price includes: 1-color bomb cake, "Happy Birthday" topper, hammer and bengal lights and simple decoration inside (writing, number, cream decoration) ​


For an extra price: bomb cake in different colors, additional elements, e.g. edible pictures, chocolate characters, berries. ​

It is also possible to put a small gift inside!

Contact us for more information.

Wedding cake or Multi-tiered Cake

A wedding cake or a big and wonderful multi-tiered cake. ​

A multi-tiered cake can be any cake from 3 kg (about 20 servings) and larger. ​

The price is slightly higher than a usual cake and is calculated according to the complexity and size. ​

Send a private message for more information.

Rubiks Cube Cake

Rubiks Cube styled mini-cakes set

Check video here!

In every cube can be almost any flavor from our selection: sponge cake or mousse cake. (its miniversion) 

Glutenfree, sugarfree, lactosefree, also vegan or keto.

Every cube is an individual portion. 

Minimum amount is 25 portions. 

Price; 6 EUR /  portion (for example a usual 25-portion Rubiks Cube Cake set - 150 EUR)

Price includes the wooden structure, simple decoration, set of cubes of ONE flavor.

Extra decoration: edible pictures, topper, flowers ect, are for extra charge.  

A set of cubes of 2-3 different flavors is for extra charge.

Various decoration options!

Perfect set for any celebration!

Write a message for more information.

Bento Cake

Bento cake is the smallest 1-2 portions cake that is perfect for the smallest celebration or as a small present.

It is packed in a lunchbox, that makes it even more special. 

Decoration is also simple: writing or/and simple picture

Printed edible picture / greeting card / photo is also possible.

Price: 35 EUR (400g cake, writing 1-2 colors, wooden spoon and candle)

Extra charge: edible picture, multicolored writing, multicolored cream


cake sponge; vanilla/chocolate

filling: cherry/strawberry/raspberry/apricot/caramel (and peanuts)

cream: vanilla/chocolate

Glutenfree, sugarfree, lactosefree, also vegan or keto

Write a message for more information-

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