What is FiksuKakku?

FiksuKakku is a healthy alternative to usual cakes.

Our healthy confectionery products are 100% natural, sugar free, gluten free & wheat free, low in calories, high in protein, nutritionally balanced.

FiksuKakku cakes can also be ordered lactose free, we have also vegan cakes and pastries, keto (low-carb), among others.

You can order a beautiful and tasty health cake for different celebrations and festive occasions: Birthday, wedding, anniversary, kid's party, company party.

Our healthy sweet treats can also be enjoyed after dinner or on a coffee break.

How to place an order?

1. Please, order as soon as possible, not than 3-4 days before the celebration.

* If you need a cake or dessert for today or tomorrow, there may be something available. Please, write me a message on Whatsapp to get more information

(please, don´t call, a text message is the best way to get in touch;)

2. Choose a dessert from the site (cakes, mousse cakes, small desserts & trifles).

All information about my desserts is in Finnish.

If you click on the photo of a dessert, you will get more information about it, ingredients, nutritional information and prices.

3. Please contact me:

the contact form on the home page (Ota yhteyttä)


send a message on WhatsApp  +358401814956 (my name is Olha) and specify:

- date when you need a dessert

- name of the dessert

- size of the dessert/amount of people (1 portion 150-200g)

- any allergies or food intolerance

- decoration (see below)

- pick up or home delivery

- your phone number to keep you updated



Wavulinintie 5, Helsinki, Lauttasaari (production facility on the left of 5B)

Also You can pick the Dessert order from Naakkatie 22A, 01450 Vantaa (near Korso)

Home delivery as agreed on

Helsinki, Vantaa or Espoo +15 EUR


Usual and mousse cakes

(150-200g / portion):

5-6 p. (1 kg) - 50 EUR

8-9 p. (1.5 kg) - 63 EUR

11-12 p. (2 kg) - 84 EUR

14-16 p. (2.5 kg) - 105 EUR

18-20 p. (3 kg) - 125 EUR

For cakes of a unique shape price is different.

For 3+ kg cakes I would recommend a tiered cake.

Ask for more information and prices in a private message:)


5-6 p. (1 kg) - 45 EUR

10-12 p. (2 kg) - 80 EUR

Portional desserts

Vegan mousse entremets and tartlets: 6 pc / 36 EUR, 9 pc / 54 EUR

Cupcakes, trifles (cake in the cup): 6 pc / 30 EUR

The simple decoration is included in the price (simple cream decoration, chocolate drips, chocolate number, or writing)

Extra decoration is for extra charge.

You can find my decorations with prices here:





Our desserts contain ONLY natural sweeteners: stevia, erythritol, maltitol, tapioca syrup, coconut sugar (rarely).

That`s why the desserts have a bit different, lighter than usual, sweetness level. 

The sweetness level is perfect for those who don`t consume white refined sugar on daily basis and also to emphasize the taste of other components (berries, nuts, etc).

In order to decrease caloric value, cream in "USUAL" cakes (NOT keto, NOT vegan) is made of light milk products: quark, ricotta, light cream cheese. 

On your request, it is possible to use fattier products: cream cheese and cream. 


- customer takes responsibility for own transportation

- on a horizontal surface (incline, shake or sharp turn may spoil dessert`s look)

- the best place: on the car`s floor or in your hands (try to keep it as horizontal as possible)

- it is highly recommended to turn on air conditioning, so cold air is blowing on the box

(especially in summer!)


- Dessert should be kept in the fridge in its box 

(it is not recommended to leave a dessert at room temperature for a long time)

- Expiry date is 48-72 hours from the moment you receive the dessert

Instructions for enjoyable usage:) 

- Cut a cake with a sharp hot knife 

- Don`t hurry, enjoy every piece;)

- Don`t forget to take a photo and tag us (@fiksukakku) on your Instagram or Facebook;)

Bon Apetit!