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About Us

My name is Olha and I am from the beautiful city of Lviv in western Ukraine 🇺🇦

I moved to Finland in 2016 to study Baltic Sea Region Master Degree at the University of Turku. In 2019, I got married and moved to Helsinki. During the Covid period, I was completing my University studies and found myself in a new hobby - Healthy desserts.

Healthy desserts (in my opinion) are desserts that are lower in calories, carbs, and fat than regular classic cakes.

These are desserts with the most natural and healthy ingredients. Such desserts are often rich in protein, which is what attracts people who adhere to a healthy lifestyle, as well as athletes.

These cakes may also suitable for people with different dietary restrictions: gluten-free, sugar-free, keto, vegan and many others. My husband and I have always followed a healthy lifestyle and he encouraged me to make cakes like this for other people.

This is how I started my path to continuous development, studying and discovering new things in the field of desserts and delicacies. A passionate hobby turned into a profession and it became my full-time job.

I've taken dozens of courses, tried hundreds of recipes and a lot of unknown ingredients. There were successes and failures. I learned from my mistakes and never stopped working and improving my desserts.

After all this, You and Your loved ones can enjoy Delicious and Healthy Desserts at any party (birthday, anniversary, wedding, retirement party, or just with a cup of coffee as a snack), regardless of special diets or food restrictions.

During all this, my husband constantly supported and believed in me. Thank you my love for being here with me❤️

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