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How to Order

1. Please, order as soon as possible, at least 3-4 days before the celebration

(7+ days if you need a cake for the weekend or it is a cake with difficult decoration).​

* Sometimes it is possible to make an urgent order (at least 24 hours before the pick up) for a small cake or pastries.

Please, write me a message on Whatsapp or Instagram to get more information

(please, don´t call, a text message is the best way to get in touch;)

2. Choose cake´s or pastries FLAVOR

3. Please contact me:

the contact form on the home page


send a message on WhatsApp  +358401814956 (my name is Olha) or Instagram and specify:

  • date when you need a dessert

  • flavor

  • weight of the cake/amount of people (1 portion 150g)

  • any allergies or food intolerances (for example, lactose, almond, soija, peanut...)

  • decoration (check more information below)

  • pick up from Pasila  (time when you can pick up) or home delivery

  • in case of delivery, please indicate: address and time (several hours time lapse)

  • if you order a mousse cake, please indicate when approximately are you planning to eat the cake

  • if you order a usual sponge cake (not keto, not vegan), please choose: light quark cream or classic cream.

  • your phone number to keep you updated


4. Please, check the section "IMPORTANT" below.


5. Order pick up

Resiinakuja 3 Liiketila 133, East Pasila, Helsinki.

You can drive straight to the end of Asemapäällikönkatu, then to the right up the hill and once more turn to the right and stop shortly in front of our business premises.

There are no fixed opening hours, so the pick-up time must be agreed in advance (usually 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.)


* It may also be possible to pick up from the home address in Korso, Vantaa (usually in the evening after 7 p.m)​

Home delivery as agreed on

1 EUR / km from Resiinakuja 3 to your home or celebration address.

Minumum delivery fee - 20 EUR.

Delivery to Pasila train station - 5 EUR.

Fiksukakku Map to Drive to Office 2023.08.jpg


6. Price

Important! Basic price depends on the cake`s weight.

Basic price includes basic decoration: writing, number, chocolate drips, simple cream decoration)

Extra decoration - for extra charge. Check for more information below section 7.

Sponge cakes and mousse cakes

(150 / portion):

1 kg (6 p) - 60 EUR
1.5 kg (10 p) - 85 EUR
2 kg (13 p) - 105 EUR
2.5 kg (16 p) - 120 EUR
3 kg (20 p) - 135 EUR
3.5 kg (23 p) - 157 EUR
4 kg (26 p) - 180 EUR
4.5 kg (30 p) - 202 EUR
5 kg (33 p) - 225 EUR​​

Important! Multititiered cakes are for extra charge.



1 kg (6 p) - 50 EUR

1.5 kg (10 p) - 75 EUR

2 kg (13 p) - 90 EUR

* Salmon cheesecake is 60 EUR, 80 EUR, 100 EUR.​

More information

Vegan Fruitcake (great dessert with a cup of tea or coffee;)

 650 g fruitcake - 30 EUR 

Order only 1 day before pick up!

More information


Vegan mousse entremets and tartlets: 6 pc / 48 EUR, 9 pc / 72 EUR (8 EUR / pc)

Cupcakes: 6 pc / 39 EUR, 9 pc / 58 EUR (6.5 EUR / pc)

More information



Special cakes with WOW effect

More information


S (1 kg in total, 3-4 p.) - 70 EUR

M (2 kg in total, 8-10 p.) - 90 EUR

L (2.5 kg in total, 11-13 p.) - 115 EUR

XL (3,3 kg in total, 13-16 p.) - 160 EUR

XXL (3,8 kg in total, 17-20 p.) - 170 EUR​

Rubiks Cube Cake

6 EUR / portion

Minimum 25 portions.


Bento Cake 

35 EUR / 400g cake


7. Decoration
Simple decoration is included in price (simple cream decoration, chocolate drips, chocolate number, or writing)

Edible pictures, chocolate figurines, berries, flowers, toppers, canndles and other decoration is for extra charge.

​Price depends on decoration amount, cost price and complexity.

Price is agreed while ordering.

How to choose cake´s decoration?

  • Check my works in Pinterest or Instagram, maybe you find something you like!

  • You can find other decorations using Pinterest Search, for example, "Minecraft cake".

  • You can ask me to look for decoration examples for you to choose, just tell me the theme. I will send you examples with prices asap.

  • You can always ask me to make a cake according to my own taste and idea (just tell me what is the celebration, for example, cake for 3 years old boy). Code word: "I TRUST YOU COMPLETELY!" Such option is FREE OF CHARGE, so you pay only for cakes basic price, and it will be a complete surprise for you as a customer.

8. Don't hesitate to ask a question (the more the better). I speak many languages: fluent English, Russian, Ukrainian, Finnish I speak less well, I would like it fluently, still learning :)

You can also find many answers in the FAQ section.



Our desserts contain ONLY natural sweeteners: stevia, erythritol, maltitol, allulose, inulin.

Such sweeteners as aspartame, different syrups, fructose etc are not used in our desserts,

Upon request it may be possible to exclude some of the sweeteners, for example, stevia.

If due to intolerance or any other reasons you would like to order a cake without sugarfree sweeteners, upon request it is possible to order a cake with usual white sugar.



All desserts don`t contain wheat flour and are glutenfree. (Gluten is not used at the premises)


All desserts are lactosefree, but please indicate if you have lactose intolerance as decoration may consist of chocolate with lactose. 


Most of the desserts contain nuts (almond flour). Upon request most of the cakes are possible to be made without nuts.


Overwhelming obstacles

In case of illness or there are other force majeure obstacles preventing the execution of the order, we reserve the right to cancel the order by notifying the customer personally.


- customer accepts the appearance of the product at the time of pick up

- customer takes responsibility for own transportation

- on a horizontal surface (incline, shake or sharp turn may spoil dessert`s look)

- the best place: on the car`s floor or in the trunk (try to keep it as horizontal as possible)

- it is highly recommended to turn on air conditioning, so cold air is blowing on the box

(especially in summer!)



- Dessert should be kept in the fridge in its box 

(it is not recommended to leave a dessert at room temperature for a long time)

- Expiry date is 48-72 hours from the moment you receive the dessert

Instructions for enjoyable usage:) 

- Cut a cake with a sharp hot knife 

- Don`t hurry, enjoy every piece;)

- Don`t forget to take a photo and tag us (@fiksukakku) on your Instagram or Facebook;)

Bon Apetit!

Usein Kysytyt Kysymykset

Why "Fiksukakku" or "Smart Cake"? "Fiksu" means "smart" a better and healthier alternative to a regular cake :) Fiksukakku does not contain simple and even unhealthy products, such as wheat flour and sugar. It contains high-quality and nutritionally good ingredients and is actually suitable for every diet for those who take care of their health and figure. But especially for people with special diets, allergies or other food restrictions.

Are all Fiksukakku products gluten-free? Yes, all cakes and desserts are gluten-free. They do not contain wheat, oat, rye or barley flour. Gluten is not used on the premises at all. Instead of wheat flour, we use rice, corn and almond flour, tapioca and corn starch and other healthier alternatives.

What does Fiksukakku use instead of sugar? Our cakes ONLY contain natural sweeteners: erythritol, maltitol, allulose, stevia (can be omitted). That's why our desserts have a slightly different, softer sweetness than usual. And none of the disadvantages of sugar and artificial ingredients. We do not use aspartame. Some desserts are also suitable for diabetics. Note: in large doses, natural sweeteners may cause digestive problems. Our cakes use such a quantity of sweeteners that one serving does not cause any problems.

Which cake is the most delicious? All the cakes are very tasty! Honestly, I wouldn't have added tasteless cakes to the selection;) All people have different flavor preferences. There are a few flavors that are ordered the most: Red velvet with raspberry or strawberry, "Snickers" and "Oreo" cakes.

Which cake is suitable for a child's 1st birthday? For small children, I usually recommend Banana-Strawberry cake. A very soft-tasting and moderately sweet flavor combination. Contains the least amount of sweeteners.

My child has a nut allergy. Is it possible to make a nut-free cake? Most of my cakes contain almond flour. If you have a nut allergy, I can make almost every cake nut-free (except for keto cakes). Please notify us of your allergy in advance.

I am allergic to eggs, but dairy is allowed. Should I choose a vegan cake? Yes, you can choose from vegan cakes as these do not contain eggs. Here it is also possible to change the vegan cream to milk cream (for example, cream and cream cheese cream).

Are Fiksukakku treats suitable for people with diabetes? Yes, most of our sugar-free healthy cakes do. But if you have a strictlow-carb diet, then our Keto cakes may be the best option for you. They use carb-free sweeteners, nut flours and other low-carb ingredients. You can find the complete composition of Keto cakes in the file with the list of ingredients and nutritional content (page "Cakes").

How to choose the right size of the cake? Usually the portion size for an adult is 150-200g and for a child about 100g. Of course, it all depends on the person, after all, we are all different. In addition, it depends on the occasion, e.g. if the menu is rich, then there is not so much space left for the cake. We always recommend ordering a cake "in reserve", i.e. slightly larger than needed, because you can always keep en extra piece of cake for the next day and enjoy it with a hot cup of tea or coffee.

I want a certain decoration that I found online. Can FiksuKakku make a cake with a similar decoration? In most cases we can make a similar cake or offer something similar. Each cake is handmade and unique, so it is impossible to make an exact copy.

Does Fiksukakku make large-sized cakes for weddings and corporate parties? Yes we do, you can get more information by sending us a message and telling us more about your event.

What is best to order for company parties, large events, launches, etc.? A large cake or a selection of different portion desserts. We can make the cake look spectacular and unique by adding, for example, the company logo or other emblem related to the company in the decoration. As for the large orders, Fiksukakku recommends too use our delivery service (check Order instructions).

How long a cake can be stored? Usually, the cake can be stored for about 3 days in its their own box and ALWAYS in the refrigerator (approx. 5 degrees Celsius). However, we recommend to enjoy the delicacy fresh, when taste and texture are at their best.

How are Fiksukakku products packed? The cakes are assembled on a sturdy disposable cake board. Therefore, a separate serving dish is not always needed. The cake is packed in a cake box before pickup, which protects the cake during transportation and in the refrigerator, e.g. from other scents. Please let us know separately if you want the box NOT to have transparent parts or windows so that the cake is a surprise.

How long before the party should I place a Fiksukakku order? The sooner the better. Sometimes the cake can be ordered a few days before the party. Often for weekends or big parties, you should order 2-3 weeks before the event.

Does Fiksukaku have a local delivery service? Yes, we deliver our cakes to our customers on site for an additional fee. We recommend home delivery to our customers, because then we can guarantee that the products will be delivered safely. More information can be found on the Ordering instructions page.

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